Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Canadian Blog Awards

Excitement is in the air--it is time for The Canadian Blog Awards 2010

Whatever He Says is nominated in the Religion Philosphy Category, and Dave Hingsburger a reader and frequent commenter here, as well as a dear friend, is nominated in 3 categories with Rolling Around in My Head his blog on disability issues: Best Blog; Health and Personal. Since I read Dave daily, I recommend his blog for a vote in any or all of the categories listed.

If you would like to vote in round one, please check out the other great blogs, and vote before October 17th at noon. It would be wonderful to make it to round two.


Dave Hingsburger said...

My vote is cast!

Susan said...

So's mine!

Janet Sketchley said...

I'd looked twice already and hadn't seen Whatever He Says on the list... this time I do. Off to vote.

And none of my nominations took, but I see they're accepting more nominations now. Off to re-do that too!