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Contagious Thoughts 4

For the first time in two months, we made what felt like our maiden voyage to Costco-in-the-age-of. COVID-19. I set my alarm to get up early, being warned by a friend to get there at 7.40 for the 8.00 a.m. opening for “Seniors Hour.”   Paul dropped me off with my bags at the door and went to wait for me in the car. The first thing I saw was a long line of seniors, spaced out like early-birds on a wire. The line stretched way back around the corner of the building. When I thought I had arrived at the end of the line, I had not. It was just the end where the store manager was trying to corral renegade seniors and herd them over to the real end of the line. But he had met the generation of “sit-ins” and protest marches, and they were not to be easily moved, except for me, rule follower that I am. I left my fellow seniors complaining to the manager. I imagined them being dragged away like long-haired hippies, as I marched quickly over to the far end of the line. When I got to th

Contagious Thoughts 3

There is music in the air of "opening up" the world again, a little at a time, and very carefully. How exciting this is! On Saturday a prescription was waiting for me at our local Shopper's Drug Mart.  Paul drove me there and waited outside like an accomplice in a getaway car! Since I was "going in," I made a list of other items and picked them up, including at long last, a much-needed box of hair colour. I chose with great care, L'Oreal 9N Light Natural Blonde. My dark roots were an inch out-of-the-gate, and not adding value to my appearance one bit! I felt like a kid let out of school as I roamed the aisles, carefully avoiding close proximity with the other humans creeping around the store in the same unnatural manner. When I left the store for my getaway car, clutching my haul of shower gel, body lotion, hair colour, face cream (sigh, okay, I confess, "neck tightening" cream,) a box of cereal, candy bars, and the medication that started thi