Contagious Thoughts 3

There is music in the air of "opening up" the world again, a little at a time, and very carefully. How exciting this is! On Saturday a prescription was waiting for me at our local Shopper's Drug Mart.  Paul drove me there and waited outside like an accomplice in a getaway car!
Since I was "going in," I made a list of other items and picked them up, including at long last, a much-needed box of hair colour. I chose with great care, L'Oreal 9N Light Natural Blonde. My dark roots were an inch out-of-the-gate, and not adding value to my appearance one bit! I felt like a kid let out of school as I roamed the aisles, carefully avoiding close proximity with the other humans creeping around the store in the same unnatural manner.
When I left the store for my getaway car, clutching my haul of shower gel, body lotion, hair colour, face cream (sigh, okay, I confess, "neck tightening" cream,) a box of cereal, candy bars, and the medication that started this spree, it felt like Christmas morning! 
The next day, Sunday, I got up and for the first time in decades, with much trepidation, I lightened my own roots, while missing my faithful and trustworthy beauty accomplice, Jamie, like anything! But it went more easily than I anticipated, and I feel so much better having done the much-needed deed. In eight more weeks, I hope I'll be sitting in Jamie's chair for the next touch up, but for now, I'm good--and so excited for a world unfurling. Even if it is as slow as the Magnolia blossom outside our window, it feels every bit as beautiful!


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