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I Could Not Make This Up

The pie crunch is on this week. 55 have been delivered since this adventure began in November, but this week is when many are due all at once. It's a daily journey. I was going to say, "One pie at a time," but actually it's more like "Ten pies at a time" at the moment. :) On Saturday morning I had a hairdressing appointment; an island of much needed relaxation in the Sea of Pies. I hurried in from the biting cold outside, stamping the snow from my shoes, glad to be inside the bright and warm salon, while outside the first major storm of the winter was brewing. Jamie, my hairdresser, welcomed me and showed me to a chair on the main floor. She explained that she'd be doing my hair there rather than upstairs in her own small, elegantly decorated room, because she'd be working on another customer at the same time as me who was coming in for a shampoo and set. Shortly after I sat down, a car pulled up out front and parked, and a blond woman who loo

Multiplied Blessings

Have you ever been part of something so much bigger than yourself that you feel that you are right in the middle of the adventure and mystery that is God?  Well, that is how it feels right now with the Pies for South Sudan. It's a bit of a scary place to be, but daring to step forward because he said so, and do something that makes absolutely no logical sense, without having any idea how it can all work out is when miracle dust starts to fall from heaven and you just have to smile--well, laugh, actually, with joy. I ended my last proper blog post with these words from my journal: "I just need to remember to relax and breathe--and stick closely connected to his heart and voice. This is how radical obedience works in practice.   And when we place our trembling hands in his great strong one, it is an opportunity for him to be shown to the watching world, right here, right now; not in the pages of the past."   God had nudged me to bake pies to raise funds for our d


Hello dear friends. I am so sorry for going "missing in action" since both the season of Christmas and responding to the call to bake pies have swallowed me whole! If anyone out there is still checking here, please be patient--I will be back. I'm missing writing and connecting with "you."  I hope that you are enjoying the crazy as much as I am. Let's embrace it and go with the flow; let go what we can; hold on tight, and remember the important--our friends, our families, and the reason we are celebrating at all right now--a King who stooped to love us with his very self.