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He Goes Before Us

He goes before us--"he" being God, and the "going before," meaning that I've been so aware lately that he does, all the time, and I should really relax more into that! I could give many examples, but I am trying to focus on the main thing, that being our current adventure, and not stray off onto bunny trails. I, and 14 other team members, are in the process of leaving, over the next three days, for Mishkeegogamang First Nation, which is 2000 north of here, near to Pickle Lake, in north-western Ontario. Our "lead goose" and trip coordinator, Susan, left this morning by road, with a small convoy following her. Jamie and Kevin leave in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and Paul and I and the rest of the team are flying to Thunder Bay on Saturday morning and will reconnect with the "roadies", then drive together the rest of the way to Mish, arriving late on Saturday. We have been preparing for weeks, and truth be told, by the t