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The wind rushed through trees, shrubs, and brush today—one minute turbulent as the ocean in a storm, the next soft as a brush on drumskin. I wandered our hamlet in as much awe as I once wandered the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I stooped, squatted, stared and squinted my way through my walk. In the presence of so much glory, how could I be anything by attentive and enraptured? This morning, sin would have been to heed the call of duty instead of the call of beauty. Humans are so like leaves in the brevity of our bodily existence and we were made to interact with our Creator’s work as joyfully as leaves dance in the wind.

Autumn Walk

  I have been so busy that I've missed walking for a while. Meanwhile, nature changed out of her pretty summer dress into a russet robe, accented with burgundy, flaming salmon, and gold. Today, I walked to the soft maracas beat of clattering, chattering leaves, which spiralled through the air in a dizzy dance! A humble earthbound human , I crunched through the new land of Fall that had unfolded in my absence!