Autumn Walk

 I have been so busy that I've missed walking for a while. Meanwhile, nature changed out of her pretty summer dress into a russet robe, accented with burgundy, flaming salmon, and gold. Today, I walked to the soft maracas beat of clattering, chattering leaves, which spiralled through the air in a dizzy dance!

A humble earthbound human, I crunched through the new land of Fall that had unfolded in my absence!


mercygraceword said…
Belinda said…
Thank you so much, my friend! I hope you are well!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your lovely, poetic descriptions!

Also, I am glad that your website is a secure one, as I found that
many of the others listed here are not secure.

I hope you will continue on with your gift of writing!

Belinda said…
Thank you Loretta. I'm sorry that I only just found your comment, but your encouragement means a great deal!

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