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Head Walker to Heart Warrior Part 3

Last July, I promised to share more of my journey to having a more peaceful spirit. Shortly after that, a series of events took priority, and I didn't finish the story. When I finally had time, I had lost some notes I wanted to use. I found them again, and now it's time to finish this story! To anyone out there who remembers my first two posts on the topic, please forgive me for not keeping my promise sooner, but this is a beginning, the part where I first heard the term Head Walkers and Heart Warriors. And this time I promise to continue. It was a sunny Monday morning in July when I remembered my friend Wendy's request on the weekend, that I send a copy of my blog post, Messenger , to her mother, Lois. I printed it off and carefully folded it into an envelope. I walked into our small post office and handed the envelope to my friend, Laurie, the village postmaster. "This is going to Scotland," I said, just as an older man with grey hair pulled back into a po