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Contagious Thoughts

The credit for the title of this blog post goes to my son, Pete. (He also offered, "Things Worth Bringing Up," but we're saving that for a flu pandemic 😊.) 

Here we are, in a boat with everyone else in the world, which we never planned to board. It's good that we're on it because it's a lifeboat, but we still have much to learn about life on board during a global pandemic!

It's been a week of processing the unexpected, and adjusting to a new reality. We have genuine concerns and feel suddenly and utterly vulnerable. Little of this is in our control.

But I woke up today thinking about what I can control.

My friend, Janey, recently shared a quote in a story she wrote, and it gripped me so much that I scribbled it down on a scrap of paper:
How you do anything is how you do everything. Richard Rohr

It's a startling sentence to contemplate when I think of how I have been doing anything and everything this week.
We have come to a sudden full stop. I feel for th…

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