On Procrastination

I realize that I am using a chunk of my so-called "daily writing time," 1.5 hours, first thing every morning, in "writing study." I love learning, reading, and, sometimes, practicing, but the buzzer rings and I have done little writing. So, I thought of separating both things and building in five hours of strictly "writing time" into my weekly writing schedule to be used in one chunk or several smaller increments. This week is my first trial.

Here is some wise advice on schedules that I read this morning:


Now that you have your schedules set for reading and writing, don't be too harsh a boss! What's it going to hurt if sometimes you daydream on the job a little or goof around in the kitchen? As long as your working hours are clear, you at least know you ought to be working. You have a schedule to know when you're messing up. 

Then again...

It won't do to coddle yourself. Not at your desk when you're supposed to be? Call yourself on the phone. Throw a tantrum. Ask yourself where the hell you are. Demand that you get yourself to your desk and get to work. Give yourself the business. Fire yourself if necessary. There are plenty of writers to go around. 

      A little guilt is a good thing sometimes...


From Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach with Kirsten Keckler Ph.D., Chapter One, Getting Started, p.24.

Today I plan to do exercise 5: First Lines. I've done it before, but I can no longer find my notes on it. It will take some browsing time, so I'll have to be careful to count it from my study time and not skim from my writing time. On second thoughts, writing this down makes me realize that again I am procrastinating. So today I will try using the time instead, first, for really writing, in a chunk of several hours.


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