Monday, August 15, 2011

A Walk in the Evening in Bond Head

By Belinda

It is ten days exactly since I shared photos from a Walk in the Evening in Alvechurch. Tonight, I was tidying up the kitchen after supper and getting ready to spend an hour doing housework, when Brenda popped upstairs and said, "D'you want to come for a walk Mum?" and then, seeing my torn look, "Oh, no, don't worry."

"No, no, I'm coming," I said, "I can do this when I get back. I need the exercise."

 I put on my shoes and grabbed my camera even though the light was fading fast; Brenda grabbed Molson. We stepped out into a beautiful evening with the faintest of breezes sighing and rustling in the treetops although the leaves were barely moving. I thought of a windy walk on this past weekend when the treetops had sounded like an ocean storm with crashing, rushing breakers.

The sun turned these trees to burnished gold.

It's routine; Sidney sits on his lawn and Molson says "hello."

Long, straight streets. So spacious after the compact lawns and streets of Alvechurch.

My favourite picture of the evening. Peeking through the lighted window of a century home.

The house in the photo below used to be the Bond Head post office. I had a post office in my Alvechurch evening walk too.

Wow, Bond Head will be 175 years old next year, while 175 years ago, Alvechurch was about 1000 years old. :)

I just love summer porches with their temptingly empty rocking chairs, just waiting for someone to sit down in them with a good book!

We are on the home stretch here!

I find lighted windows irresistible.

An adventure with goldenrod, golden dog and a golden girl.


violet said...

Just lovely, Belinda! I feel like I've been out for a walk in your town.

Susan said...

I'm with Violet... did you realize there was going to be a whole crowd with you and Bren tonight? :)

Lynn said...

:-) Just as refreshing as ever!

Belinda said...

Ah, thanks for coming along, my friends.

Marilyn said...

I just loved these! Am drawn to lighted windows as well. I think it's the warmth of people home for the evening, settling down, processing a day. I don't really know who is behind those windows in the houses I pass, but my imagination fills in the blanks. :-)

Belinda said...

Marilyn, those windows sparked some thoughts for discussion with two sets of friends today. One person was reminded of how we can choose to shine the light of faith when the darkness presses in and tonight some other friends talked about the wistfulness of being on the outside looking in at the warmth of family when you might be lonely.