Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Evening of Celebration

By Belinda

Tonight was our writers group meeting, and although we had a small number in attendance for various reasons, it was a night to celebrate! One of our group, Carolyn j. Morris, a teacher and speaker,  is now a published author.

Carolyn's summer has been a whirlwind of book signings and marketing meetings and she is loving every minute.

Each step of the journey of publication has been God led, with connections unfolding in a way that only he could orchestrate.

I will write more about the book itself in the near future, but tonight we shared Carolyn's joy by sipping our tea and coffee from the fine china and eating ice cream cake!


Janet Sketchley said...

Congratulations to Carolyn! What an exciting thing for the group to celebrate!

storygal said...

In celebration of her first book. I know how it feels. May she have much success with her marketing and sales of her book.

Belinda said...

Hi Janet and Cari,
I am sure that Carolyn will be thrilled with your encouragements!


Marilyn said...

Isn't this wonderful, to be published AND to have friends to share the joy!

Belinda said...

Marilyn--yes!! Carolyn was just bursting with excitement. Being a teacher she is usually so busy that she can only rarely afford time to attend our writers group, but she is held by tentacles of love--and email. So this was a rare chance to both see her and celebrate with her.