Monday, October 18, 2010

An Update

By Belinda

I have so much to write but no time to do it. I am so busy getting as much as I can done before leaving for England on Tuesday, but God is so on the move all over the place. I want to tell the world about this and that and everything else--but it will have to wait until I get to England on Wednesday, when I hope to catch up. I'm taking a list with me so that I don't forget a thing! the car coming home from church on Sunday, I told my mother in law how much people had contributed to be sent the pastor in India I wrote about recently (see sidebar and click on the link for the story.) Mum said passionately, "If only people would see how God works miraculously."

We talked to Uncle John in England on Sunday afternoon on Skype, and I told him that I was bringing a blessing with me for the pastor in India  Uncle John said that he had been in touch with the him by email and this is some of what has been happening:

The pastor used to be a businessman and years ago he helped a doctor buy a house. The doctor then went to work in Dubai.

For a long time the pastor has had a vision of a medical centre that would provide free care to the people who have no means to pay. He just reconnected with the doctor who had been in Dubai. When the doctor heard that his businessman friend was now in ministry and heard his vision for a medical centre, he said that he would come and work there, and would bring three more doctors to contribute to the work.

The pastor also had a vision of setting up a sewing shop for women who need a way to make a living. He prayed for sewing machines and God provided some. He still needs more--perhaps our money will help with that friends.

He was in desperate need of Bibles because people can't afford them. God provided Bibles! Uncle John said that he told him that the stack of Bibles is taller than the pastor when he stands next to them.

What struck me was how each person in a chain had to be faithful to do their part:
  • The pastor was faithful, struggling to hold on in a difficult situation; trusting God and being encouraged by the story of Elijah and the ravens that fed him.
  • The crow obediently brought rupees in its beak, on two separate days.
  • Uncle John shared the story with us while on vacation
  • I knew I had to write and share it
  • Dave was faithful to share his prompting to ask readers to donate
  • I shared his idea here
  • Readers responded as God led them
  • The funds will be carried to England and sent on to India
And the result is that we have the joy of being a small part of a miracle!

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