Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eagle's Wings

Luke 8:15 (King James Version)
15 But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.

On the way to the garage, early yesterday morning, on one side of the road I drove past barns of dijon mustard and soft banana yellow with spinach green roofs, in fields of relish green. It was a hot-dog morning!

On the other side of the road, the spiky stalks of last year's crop, stood up from the rich, brown earth, like stubble on a weather-beaten face.

"He was a strange fellow," said Paul, this morning at breakfast, describing the owner of the garage where he'd dropped off his car.

The owner had been unrushed and spoke in an unusually slow manner--very methodical and service oriented. "He was," said Paul, "Like an old man, in a young man's body."

"I have parts...or I have parts...or I have parts..." he said to Paul.

"These days a lot of parts are made in China...but they aren't up to scratch--so...what parts would you like?"

"What was I going to say?" asked Paul, "Give me the cheap parts?"

Calm--no rush--what a contrast with my inner battle with attitude before breakfast yesterday!

But the tide is turning and I feel more peaceful, relaxed and free than I can ever remember feeling. I thought that my battle was about controlling my attitude--but I've discovered that it's about just letting go. I've let go of the need to be in charge.

Prayer: Lord, I draw my strength and my wisdom from you.

Come live in me, all my life take over
Come breathe in me and I will rise--on eagle's wings


Anonymous said...

This is a brave journey you are taking. I've discovered, for me, that what I had to do was figure out what was under my control and what was not. That I had a responsibility to control what was mine and to give over to others what belonged to them. The problem was figuring it all out. This is particularly true when I would be consulting or supervising. Even so, I'm too old now to carry someone else's burden, mine is heavy enough.


Belinda said...

Hey Dave,
"I'm too old now, to carry someone else's burden, mine is heavy enough." Those words resonate.

Susan emailed me last night after our writers group meeting and said, "I was watching you tonight. Your face looks different. That semi-"drawn" look is gone. You're right. You're more peaceful."

I've let go of the burden of "looking after" (a "nice" word for controlling) everyone else. I know that old habits die hard and it will be a while before I can totally relax and believe I've slain the monster, but for now, it feels like trying on a new coat and finding that it fits--and not only fits--but it becomes me! :)

Leann said...

Ill share this with you cause I know you will understand.
for a while now I been dealing with some things I was having alot of problems with.

1.the hubby had a break down only about 8 months into our marriage.then only short time later he left me and moved home to his mom and Dads.
for six months heard nothing from him.then out of the blue he calls.we talked off and on,but it wasnt the same.he called a month or so later and said he loved me and wanted to come home.
I thought the Lord had done a work on him.and desided to let him come for the weekend.he stayed for a month and almost drove me nuts.
I had to ask him to leave.could see it wasnt going to work. that time my mom was in the hospital and as the year went on she got closer and closer to her trip home to be with Jesus.

I wasnt able to tell her for a long time that the hubby had left.I had to about 3 months before she passed away.she was not too pleased with him.we said good-by to her in november.

3.also in that time my daugther left her hubby of 15 years for another guy.
my son in law and grand daughters were heart broken.and so were the rest of us.
its been hard for me to even be around her.she lies to us and is so diffrent its very hard to deal with.keep this to she dont know I have said any thing.

well any way its been a very hard last 2 years.well 4 years.I got marryed in 2003.was with him for only 26months of that.

any way lately the Lord has been helping me so much.some days I would feel as if I could no longer go on.Id ask him to please just let me come home.Id cry for long times.and just feel empty and worthless.
but each time Id call out for help he was always there.Id be sitting in my chair and look out the window and just as I did the eagle would fly over.
it was as if the Lord was saying "im in contral even if at times it doent look like it".

He knows I love to see eagles.and He has blessed me with way over 200 siteings maybe more.I live on the 7th floor and in town.but the eagle flys over here all the time.
and the Lord has me look up just as he flys through.

my friend loves carrdenals.and when she is down the Lord sends them out by her window.

God blesses us with little things to bless if we need big things I know he longs to do that to.
on eagles wings he restores my faith and hope for the future.he reaches me with the desires of my heart,to refresh my soul.

God bless you.He loves us so much.He will never let us down.even when it looked like he did he didnt...
keep up the good posts.I enjoy reading.

Belinda said...

Leann, You've had such a tough journey with many heartbreaks. I'm so glad that the God who sends you the eagles is the One I know.
Blessings and love,