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Yeay God!

Matthew 6:12 (New Living Translation)
12 and forgive us our sins,
as we have forgiven those who sin against us.

"Spiritual Sore Spots," I have a few! The good news is that the ones I have today are not the same as the ones I had six years ago.

I had a struggle with getting forgiveness from my head to my heart six years ago. I know, because I just read my journal.

Back then there were people in my life who had really alienated me--to the point that if I never saw them again that would have been perfect! The trouble was that they were in a certain circle in my life and I inevitably bumped into them from time to time.

And then there were all of those scripture verses about forgiveness. I believed them and agreed with them--in theory--but the application to these people was a stretch my heart found hard to make.

I am laughing at the words I wrote back then. I said that I saw them as judgemental and self righteous. There is irony and humour in that!

I told God that I knew he had a better solution than simply avoiding them and invited him into that area of my heart. I told him that I was anticipating a great miracle.

Somewhere, between then and now, when I wasn't even watching--that miracle took place. My heart is clear and free. I just wanted to share that and say--Yeay God!


If God wanted me to love my neighbour couldn't He have made them a little nicer? Sheesh. Yeah that forgiveness thing is hard, harder still the 'don't judge' thing. How come the biggest battles I have are with myself?? Dave
Leann said…
thanks for sharing.I went though a time like that with my was so bad I hated him.he had been a drunk and I had to leave him.he was ripping my life and our kids lives apart to.I went to the Lord to help me forgive and He did little less then a had taken me years to try and do what He did in one.the guy is still a drunk and we didnt get back together. but it freed me and the girls to move on.

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