Thursday, January 18, 2007

Promised Lands

Promised Lands --splinters and thorns--ever since I wrote about them a couple of days ago, they've been on my mind a lot.

My "Promised Lands" are those dreams that always seem just out of reach--not because they are unattainable, but because I subconsciously sabotage my own efforts or don't seize the vision and see it as easily attainable--somehow it's easier to keep it there on the edge of my peripheral vision--a comfortable companion, this unachieved goal.

Thinking in terms of splinters and thorns being constant companions of the compromising life (see January 16th devotion), I've realized--they aren't so comfortable.

So--I'm resolved, one at a time--to reach my Promised Lands. No more splinters and thorns if I can help it.

The people of Israel spent 40 years wandering in the desert before they entered the Promised Land. That was never God's wish for them. Come to think of it--my own track record is about as long.

I hope that thinking of God's words to the people of Israel (Numbers 33:55) will help me--and other people--break through the barriers that have held us back. Let's go in and take the land!


Lily said...

Belinda, the giants over there are big. Really big. There's no way we can take them on our own. But the Lord is with us! He will surely take us into that land and give it to us. LET'S ROLL!

Leann said...

did you know that it was only a 11 day trip but it took them 40 that is sad.I have dreams but it seems that my dreams dont line up with what God intends so I need clear guidence.God bless.

Belinda said...

Yes, Leann, I'm actually mentioning the fact that it was only an 11 day trip in tonight's post! Blessings to you, too!