Wednesday, January 03, 2007

He Restores My soul

Psalm 23:3 (New International Version)

3 he restores my soul...

We met up in the hallway outside my office door, the three of us. They had emerged from a two hour meeting elsewhere in the building and I had been working alone at a part of my job I find challenging. We were spent!

I'd started the day bright and chipper. "Happy Wednesday!"--I had saluted my team in an early morning email. But as the day wore on, as I focused on paper and spreadsheets and lines and columns of figures, my eyes began to tire and I felt as if sawdust had blown into them. The muscles in my back tightened and it felt weary but I forced myself to persevere, determined to do as much as I could before leaving. I love working with people, but examining the intricate details of nineteen separate budgets is a necessary task, not my passion.

When my two colleagues met up outside my door, I emerged to greet them and we all as one decided to call it a day--we almost needed to prop one another up for support! Then someone glanced up at the window and said, "Oh look at that!" Through the slats of the window blinds a brilliant glow was visible--the sun was setting in a sky awash with deep raspberry glory.

Like schoolchildren at recess we ran outside, I grabbing my camera as I ran. Envigoratingly cool fresh air met us, caressing our faces and soothing away the tiredness in an instant. Suddenly we were re-energized; tomorrow is another day.

I gathered my bags and coat and locked the office door behind me. I looked up into the sky that was blushing deeply still, faced toward home and thanked God that he is the One that specializes in restoring our souls.

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