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Maplewood Lodge

Brenda posted this aerial photo Maplewood Lodge in the mid 1970's, on Facebook. That is my yellow Lada; a Russian car; parked behind the house.

Paul bought the car for me, and Rob painstakingly taught me to drive standard, which I needed to learn, to drive it. 

The house was not a mansion by any means; the old farmhouse is the building at the front, with a newer part at the back, surrounded by two acres.  There was an oil furnace and no air conditioning and the walls had little insulation. On cold nights the walls would bang loudly as they expanded and contracted with temperature changes. The pipes froze in winter and the septic system regularly gave us problems. Yet we loved living there.

We moved there in 1974, intending to stay two years, but lived there for almost ten, leaving at the end of 1983. It was the place that shaped us into who we are today.


Marilyn said…
"...shaped us into who we are today." Maplewood Lodge is so like our lives, isn't it? Pieced together, things not always working right, but still......treasured.
Belinda said…
Yes, Marilyn, and also in retrospect all of that unimportant "stuff" is not what we remember. Our minds filter it out and we remember the happiness.
Marie said…
May I ask the address of this house now? I would love to look at it on Google Earth :)
Belinda Burston said…
Dear Marie, I hope you get this reply. I did my best--the house doesn't exist anymore, but if you go to Google Earth and type in: 16267-16339 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, you will see a green space with a cluster of trees on the east side of the road. On the right of the driveway there is an oblong patch and if you go to streetview you will see the cemetery, which is fenced in. So glad you found the blog posts about your family's farm. We have such fond memories of living there from 1974-late 1983. If you would like to text me with any questions, my number is 905-960-2189.

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