Friday, March 02, 2012

This Time Last Week

By Belinda

It seems so long since writing about anything but Mum, who has consumed much of my thoughts this week! Tonight there was little change since yesterday--if anything she was a little less well,--but we are reconciled to the fact that the original doctor's prognosis of, "She could be well enough to come home in three days," was wildly optimistic. It will be a slow process for Mum to regain her strength and we are taking one day at a time, just grateful she is safe and cared for and we are so grateful for loving support in prayer and will share any more breaking news as it happens. :)

So back to the night before this week of anxiety started--this time last Friday...Paul and I headed out into a snow storm to drive the hour to Mansfield, where our friends Brian and Frances and God children, Jake; Summer-Lily and Eden Belle live, on a road aptly named Mountainview.

We drove ever upward in the dark night, peering through swirling curtains of snow, snug in our sturdy little Honda. And when we turned at last onto the high up Mountainview Drive in the hills of Mansfield, we saw the lights twinkling welcome from the windows and big deck that surrounds their home.

We were there to celebrate Brian's 50th birthday with a few other friends. Only Susan and Ron were missing--they making their way home from a trip to Ottawa that day. 

I have no idea what Frances was thinking in this first photo but it begs for a caption. If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comment box! And enjoy the evening with us in photos. Frances made a delicous bean soup which we ate with slices of bread, followed by a scruptious home made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Susan and I have a joking rivalry about our carrot cakes. She puts cinnamon in hers but not I. However I had to confess to my friend Cindy that Frances's cake "with cinnamon" was very delicious and that perhaps I should concede that it was a good addition--but don't tell Susan I said so! :)

Scroll down further and you will see my namesake, Eden Belle, playing the harmonica to make Zoosh the dog sing, which he did obligingly, as well as other tricks!


Susan said...

Busted! :)

Paula Walker said...

How did I plan on heating these ?

Belinda said...

Ha ha! Both comments are funny Susan and Paula. And you know, I don't remember them ever being served. :)

Brave Raven said...

"So THAT'S what they meant by 'Nice Buns!'"

Patricia Elford said...

Suggested caption:

Did that roll just twitch?