Thursday, March 08, 2012

One More Thing

By Belinda

One more thing about the day Susan wrote about, which was in 1998--a whole 14 years ago! That day on the porch, Mum had said something about having "changed her tune" about something (I can't remember what,) and Susan went home and wrote this poem with that phrase included.

I Simply Haven’t Time!

When I was young and arrogant,
I said some things I should recant.
Like, “Hope I die before I’m old…”
Could I have really been that bold?

The years are quickly passing by.
I check the mirror and find that I
Have wrinkles creeping o’er my face,
And signs of age in every place.

Is it too late to realize
That with the “old” comes also “wise?”
There is so much that’s left to do
So many things of real value.

I’ve lately come to understand
That it’s all part of God’s great plan;
I need to live out all my days;
I need the time to learn His ways!

I still have opportunity
To bless each one I come to meet.
To drop some flowers on the path,
And leave His fragrance where I’ve passed.

I’m old? I’m old! And changed my tune…
I want to live, not go too soon.
And tho’ I am no longer spry,
 I simply haven’t time to die!

Susan Stewart, August 1998

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Marilyn said...

A wise and honest poem!