Saturday, March 10, 2012

Breakfast at Ruby's

By Belinda

I have much to say about Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey, where I had an 11 hour layover between a connecting flight from Toronto to Birmingham in the U.K., yesterday, but I thought that Ruby’s Diner deserved a post all of it's own. I'm telling you, they are America's hot competition for our Canadian Cora’s  in terms of a cultural experience.

It caught my eye right away; its 1940's soda fountain decor beckoned to me from the airport corridor. The waitresses wore candy striped red and white dresses with red cardigans and bobby socks; strains of jazz/swing music allured me irresistibly, and when I peered through the window and saw the plates of scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, it was game over. I knew I'd be having breakfast at Ruby's.

When I toiled away on Wednesday evening, planning my last minute flight to Birmingham, I could have had connecting flights from many different airports. I regretfully chose Newark Liberty, because it had the shortest over all travel time. What I would have missed had I not gone there!  And it wasn't just Ruby's. .But more about  in the next post!

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