Tuesday, January 15, 2008

See The Wind

"Mommy come and see the clouds", he said, grabbing my hand in his own little one. He took me to the living room, where three tall windows look out over our front yard. We climbed on to the couch and he leaned forward, pointing out and up. "Look Mommy, the clouds are moving". And indeed they were. Large dark splotches against the sky being blown straight across by the wind blasting through our neighborhood. It whirled around our house and had buffeted the children and I as we walked to the school bus.

Heavy, dark clouds filled with rain, sent onward by a forceful wind.
Rain clouds, full, bursting, releasing, splashing, cleansing.
Blowing wind, sending, wind of the Spirit.

Now as I write, clearing skies, patches of blue and clouds turning from stormy black to soft peachy brown. Gentler wind still blows, continues to send, but softer, more subtle.
Sometimes I need the force of wind, His wind to blow me with strength where I need to go, so pregnant with all His filling to spill, to rain...to pour out.
He sends me, Jonah like....Go!
Other times, it's just His whisper, His gentle breeze caressing, to send with a splash of joy to another who needs the softest trickle of His grace.

Lord I want to go where You send, as Your gentle, or strong Wind directs my path. Help me lay back on the wind, not fight it. As each turn happens in my day, remind me to lift my hands up and dance in the joy of being caught up in your slip stream, as children, and the horses do on a breezy, frisky day, tossing their heads, urging against the bit, reveling in a gallop, swept along on that current of energy. When we have to hold our coats in place and lean in, laughing as we are buffeted and love every minute and come into the house after with cheeks rosy and eyes sparkling, feeling alive. That is the effect of being swept along by the wind. Let me remember everyday Lord Jesus and know You as You send...
"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. John 3:8 NIV

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Joyful Fox said...

Angela...Thank You...beautiful...inspiring. May we respond to that gentle or strong wind and be used by Him....as He sees fit.