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Hair Dye

I was in the bathroom the other day and realized that I need to dye my hair again, if I want to maintain that elusive appearance of "no grey". It's emerging, right on the top of my head and creeping down the sides just a few short months after the last application. A mix of black and grey topping off the lighter tones and highlights blended into the rest of my "glory".
Why do we do this? I swore I wouldn't be caught in the trap. At the most I only apply dye twice a year. To do this I must let all the colour fall out until I am back to that salt and pepper look that somehow makes me feel older. After all "grey hair is the crown of the aged" isn't it? But wait a minute...I'm not aged. At the ripe old age of 41 I'm only half way through. I know women older than me who have a lot less grey, and they don't dye. It's in my genes they say. Well my jeans don't fit the same way they used to either. But yes, Mum did go grey early, as did her siblings.

Is it the pressure of our society that we must have the look of eternal youthfulness, or do our spouses subtely suggest it "Hey honey you need to buy another box of that stuff". I had a friend whose husband gently told her that she needed to dye again, while his bald palate gleamed and the fringe round his ears trumpeted his losing battle with age and mortality. Did she lovingly reply "Sure honey and while I'm out getting the box, I'll get you a few brochures on HOW TO GET A HAIR TRANSPLANT!"
I jest (mostly).
And then there are many men who also dye their hair. I find that the look of an aging face surrounded by a halo of dark, obviously dyed hair is offence intended to anyone. But aren't we supposed to change as we age?
I'm just trying to find out how to do it gracefully...And I'm pretty sure the way of the box isn't the only way.
I'll go out and buy another supply. I like the more youthful look, although I have gone a few shades lighter. It's kind of fun to experiment.
There is no right answer to this question.
I know many beautiful, vibrant women, who are, yes, older, but funky, gorgeous and confident in their silver.
It's like the commercial that came out a while ago (for a popular drug store chain) with mature women saying things like "I want to grow older, I want laugh lines, I want to be a grandmother...". The women in it were attractive, strong and older, with character, laughter and wisdom etched onto their faces by the molding hands of life.
I want to be like them....eventually.
For now I'll pick up a box of something and rinse a shade from the fountain of youth onto my illusion...? Maybe...

1 Timothy 2:9-10 "I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God."

Father God,
Teach me what this means. It seems to be quite clear, but we are very far from this in our lives of decoration and embellishments. Help me first to be clothed with Your righteousness...


Joyful Fox said…
Hi Angcat,

You got me thinking. I'm a little gray too!

Haven't got a box yet...the gray blends in some spots...kind of.

May my inner beauty shine and may I put the effort there.

Maybe if people can't see past the outside, they'll never see the inside.

Questions...thanks (I think)for the blog, to contemplate aging.
Belinda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belinda said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belinda said…
I accidentally deleted a duplicate comment twice! :)

I am just smiling at my "young friends" contemplating aging.

Other things than appearance attract women to men, I think, so they have less stress around such things!

From my vantage point, "upkeep" is a good thing. :) And I do try. :)
Night Owl said…
So you think you're the only ones who deal with these boxes? Only more mature, wiser adults? Well, I must tell you us younger people have quite a lot of pressure too! :) My mother almost constantly nags me to re-dye my hair... And I don't even have grey hairs yet! (Though I probably should if you get them from stress... hehe... :)) I HATE dying my hair... It's horrid... It smells... It takes so long... And you have to worry about when you can wash your hair again... What kind of shampoo you can use... etc. etc. etc. It's all seemingly a pointless ordeal... I used to have highlights (which I also despise quite thoroughly, actually probably more than just a solid, natural colour)... But they are slowly but surely growing out... I mean, they certainly aren't highlights anymore - it's more like the bottom half of my hair is orangey looking... So my mom thinks I should either get highlights again, dye it all blonde (which I'm STRONGLY against, and don't even get me started on this "blonde pressure" - apparently, according to my mother, people will "respect me more and pay attention to me more if I'm blonde"... ha!), or at least make it all the same colour... It's practically impossible to get it all the same colour again and I hate that... sigh... One of these days, I'm just going to get myself to a professional to make my whole head one colour that I'll never have to re-do and never ever again even look at one of those boxes... Maybe I'm a bit embittered... hehe... :) And maybe I'll change my mind when I get grey hair... But right now, in my eyes, I think you're kind of lucky. Grey hair means wisdom and experience - someone to look up to... At least your hair has decided (mostly) to all go in the same direction - not half orange half mousey brown... I guess what I'm trying to say is that I certainly don't expect people with grey hair to dye their hair... But I do understand those sorts of pressures coming from others... But we aren't our hair, that's for sure! :) Actually, you know what? I once had a classmate (in grade 10) who already had salt and pepper hair! He was a genius,too, in my opinion. And children in Mozart's time wore white wigs. :) Isn't that funny? :) Hey, my cat has a lot of white hair too... I wonder if people will start dying their pet's hair? That would be kind of ridiculous... wouldn't it?
Anyway, that's my... hehe... pretty long rant/a bit more than two cents (sorry!)
Good night! :)
Night Owl said…
Oh, I forgot to say that I can't wait to get laugh lines... Aren't they wonderful? I always admire those in others. Hehe... When I was younger I would watch myself in the mirror and "practice" trying to get the lines in my face properly. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Angcat,

We once had a visiting pastor come to our church. He was commenting on this very passage. He summed up by saying, "if the barn needs painting, paint the barn".. We all laughed heartily. Since then, I decided that a little frosting on the barn was not such a bad thing. We all need to feel good about how we look, even though the outside appearance is not what our Lord sees. My feeling is that when I feel good, my self-confidence frees me to concentrate on every other detail of life. So, go ahead, be guilt-free, and buy a box of barn frosting! Enjoy youth, it's such a fleeting thing!
Angcat said…
Wow, that was a fun response from all.
My barn will be frosted some time soon, and I love what Joful Fox said about ensuring people aren't stopped by the outside of us, so they can't see what's inside.
May His Love be the most beautiful quality that is seen in us.
Dave Hingsburger said…
I had to fill out a form the other day, it asked for hair colour and I wrote down 'skin tone' ... not kidding.
Belinda said…
"Skin tone" hair? :) That's absolutely funny!

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