Saturday, January 19, 2008

Celebrating a Miracle

I was hard at work in my sunny, pale green office yesterday morning when the phone rang.

As usual the day was flying by; an intense series of quickly answered emails, phone calls, meetings, and churning through the stream of paperwork that seems to grow exponentially like the Amish Friendship Bread will do, that Ellen gave me on Wednesday.

The AFB lies flat on my counter top in a clear plastic bag on which Ellen has helpfully marked the dates of the days I have to add flour, sugar and milk and in between I have to "mush" it. By day ten I will divide it into 4 and make a loaf of bread with one of them, giving the other 3 bags to 3 friends. Now my friends are warned--Amish friendship bread is coming--and day 10 is Friday, January 25th.

But I'm off on a rabbit trail!

Into the middle of my concentrated busyness came an interruption that poured like liquid, golden honey onto the bread of my day, saturating the paper white with sweetness.

I heard Lori Lei's warm, low voice on the line, and I heard laughter and pride in its tone.

"Hi, Belinda," she said, "I have someone here who wants to say hi to you; hold on."

And I heard a small voice, say, an unmistakable, "Hi."

Ava Jasmine Claire, Lori Lei's and Lance's darling miracle, almost one year old, calling to say "Hi."

On Thursday, January 25th 2007, I wrote about Ava's birth, which was indeed a miracle all the way from her conception to her actual birth.

Now this beautiful child is almost one and it's time to celebrate again. She is sunshine and light; a happy little girl with eyes that shine with easy laughter, with little provocation, just like her mommy's.

Paperwork, deadlines and a time crunch--they suddenly faded from view. I had been slowed down to sensibility by Ava Jasmine Claire.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your part in that miracle, praying the little one safetly into the world. I know many of God's pray warriers prayed and you were one of them. So amazing that a year ago she was just arriving and now her words are following... I think Ava got as much out of telling you hi as you did receiving it. And thank you dear Lord for the gift given to us last year, we are truly blessed to be parents;
thank you for entrusting us with such responsibility, amen...