Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fourth Day

Today was a whirlwind of preparations for Paul's birthday party on Saturday. In the morning the house was full of the spicy aroma of chili cooking--vast quantities of it. In the afternoon, Brenda and I went from Costco to the Party Store and shopped until I doubt that the car could have held one more radish!

It's Paul's birthday today, so when he got home--just as we were unloading the car--he said he felt like going out for a nice dinner, so we went to The Keg--a really special treat--but the best part was just sitting across from each other and talking. Then home again to wash all the party platters from the party store.

I have enjoyed this week of vacation at home so much. Usually I leave the house at 8.00 a.m. and return at around 5.00 p.m.. Being at home this week has given me a glimpse of a world that I usually miss--the patterns of domesticity and gentle rhythms of our household in the daytime hours.

At 9.00 I've watched the girls, Tiffany-Amber and Victoria, running down the driveway to catch the school bus, with Molson in tow and Brenda following afterwards. Then Brenda coming back, with Molson trotting in front, carrying his leash in his mouth--next Tuesday he has a test to see if he is a good candidate for being a therapy dog. We all know he is--he's like a tranquilizer on four legs.

Then at about 3.30--another exciting time of day--people coming home. Well, Molson thinks it's exciting. There is a flurry of excitement--gentle trotting from one to another, his lips in a golden retriever smile and his tail wagging a greeting.

Peace, simple pleasures--God's goodness.

Prayer: Dear Lord, the simple things are beautiful. Thank you for the gift of work, but thank you also for the gift of rest--a time to withdraw in quietness and be renewed and re-energized. I am so grateful.

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Brenda said...

Well actually it's MY orientation this Tuesday. Molson won't be tested until the end of the month! So keep praying that all goes well because I'm REALLY EXCITED!