Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Mini Post with a Purging Prayer

By Belinda

Please let me live every moment of the rest of my life as a woman who fears the Lord.

I prayed this at the end of my Sunday morning devotions, before leaving for church, a week or so ago.

During my prayer time I had come to a place of peace about a situation that had angered me at work; God's Holy Spirit gently did a course correction in my heart and I left for church feeling better about it. With God's help I had formulated steps to do things differently next time--my "What ifs" list, posted here a few days ago.

At church there was an altar call during the service. One person went forward and I knew I had to get there, as fast as I could. I wanted to make a fresh commitment to God with all of my heart. And so I went forward, followed by one or two others.

But as I stood there, someone came to my mind. We'd had one of those silly misunderstandings earlier that week and the atmosphere between us was cool.

At the altar, a verse came to mind; it said something about leaving your gift at the altar if you have a relationship out of sync and going and putting it right first. Only then it is okay to bring your gift to the altar.

How easily we forget that our relationship with God is intimately involved with our relationship with others. I knew that before I could freely worship him and be used by him, I had something to do first.

I pray for a purging of the desire for personal significance and the blinding effect that has in relationships.

Weeding disturbs the soil; pruning opens up an area that needs to heal over--but without weeding or pruning, neither the land or the tree will be as fruitful as it can be.

Therefore I am willing to endure discomfort--and more than that--I embrace it as necessary for growth in grace.


Susan said...

Sigh. I love every word of this post. Humility is one of God's best ways, isn't it? Yeah...

Susan said...

P.S. I miss Molson and Bruce, but I love that photo of just you.

Marilyn Yocum said...

Nothing 'mini' about this post. It says it all. You speaketh the truth and it is a good prayer.