Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stephen and the Snow Day

The big yellow school bus trundled along with its load of chattering children.

Miss Cheryl, the bus driver, knew a question was coming from the seat behind her, as 6 year old Stephen gripped the metal back to her seat and pulled closer to talk.

He popped his head of short, dark hair over the seat, his deep brown eyes bright with curiosity.

“Do you think that tomorrow will be a snow day?”

The teachers thought for sure that it would be. All day on the news there had been warnings of an impending snow storm and all the children were sent home with extra school work to be prepared.

"Well Stephen; only the Lord knows, but I think you’d stand a pretty good chance of it being so,” said Miss Cheryl, and her voice was as soft and husky as a ripe peach. She was one of his best sources of information.

She turned on the radio to see if the weather man had anything to say on the subject..

Stephen’s curiosity wasn’t satisfied, “Well, how do you know?” he asked.

“My work calls me,” said Miss Cheryl.

“Well, how do they know?” pressed Stephen.

“Someone from the school board calls them,” said Miss Cheryl.

Stephen pondered this, quiet for a moment.

“Sometimes they don’t get it right,” he said, thinking back to a “snow day” about a week ago when the sun had shone brightly all day long.

“That’s true,” said Miss Cheryl, “But I still have to listen to them. I have to trust that they know what’s right. Just like you trust and listen to the Lord; that he knows what’s best.”

“Yes, that’s how it goes,” agreed Stephen and he counted on his fingers over the back of seat, “First you have to listen to the Lord; and then you have to listen to your mom and dad; and then you have to listen to the government.”

This made Miss Cheryl laugh. She was very fond of the rosy cheeked boy with the inquiring mind and their conversations on the journey home from school in which many lessons were learned.

Romans 13:1 (New International Version)
Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.


Angcat said...

I love it! Are you going to start a book of Stephen stories?
My only concern is that Becca is in the same class and I never saw any evidence of extra work for the snow day. Hmmm. I'll have to look into that one.
Love A

Belinda said...

Indeed, "Stephen" is one of my blog post "label" categories and so I can easily sort by his stories, another one of which also involved Miss Cheryl when he asked her "Is there snow in heaven?" :)

As for Becca's missing homework--um, maybe she didn't need it? :)

Joyful Fox said...


That was a nice chuckle and a light topic. Oh, our children. The Lord knows we need them.

Life from a child's view is so simple. When and why do we start making things so complicated?

Love Stephen's philosophical mind.