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H.M.S. Belinda

It was Wednesday morning early and I was spending some time waiting on God and praying before heading out to seize the day. Tuesday had been difficult; the pressure nigh unbearable. I cracked more than once, and was determined that today would be different. I wanted to affect those around me in a positive way and pull them up, not drag them down into my negative vortex as I was sure had happened the day before. As I prayed and gave my day to the Lord, I saw a picture in my mind’s eye of a regal, stream-lined clipper ship in full sail, plowing gracefully through the billowing waves unaffected by the instability of the roiling sea. That’s how I wanted to sail into my day. Moved along by the wind of the Spirit and bringing an unspoken message of peace and stability to those around me.

I left the house tired and wishing that I could stay home to sleep away the dull headache that had wakened me, but hopeful nonetheless that this day would be better than the one before. However, my emotional and physical reserves were already empty and I was barely running on fumes – tired fumes at that. By the time I was five minutes into my workday, one thing after another was hitting me, none of which felt like I could manage, let alone all of it in one day. The pressure began to build and before I could even begin to cope with one thing, another wave would hit and crash over me. Having a sick headache didn’t help. About 11:30 the phone rang. It was Belinda, busy and under pressure herself. She quickly sensed my panic and offered to put aside her own agenda and come over to help. I protested that I could manage but she sensed otherwise and in a little over an hour, she entered the program where I work and where chaos , until then, was reigning supreme.

It was funny, because when she was on the phone with me an hour earlier, I wondered what she could possibly do to change anything. But when she walked in, smiling broadly and greeting every one with her customary graciousness, the atmosphere changed instantly. I could feel my adrenaline levels begin to dissipate, and everyone else seemed to be pulled up a notch or two as well.

I had to laugh. That gracious ship I imagined earlier that morning turned out not to be me, after all, as I’d hoped it would be, but Belinda. I just didn’t have it in me that day so God arranged for her to come along, just when she was most needed. He knew my limit and sent in reinforcements to keep me from toppling over the edge. By the time she left my sails were up again and even catching the wind a little. I love how God uses the body like that.

On my way home that night I thought about how geese fly in that “V” formation. The leader cuts the path and works a little harder than all of its mates who have the luxury of following in the airstream behind. When the leader tires it falls back to join the end of the “V” for a while where the flying is easier and lets another stronger goose take its place.

Today it was my turn. It was another crazy day, but instead of adrenaline flowing, I began to laugh at first one crazy happening after another. I could feel God’s wind in my sails and his joy in my heart. I hope that others around me were pulled up too.

What a difference our attitude can make! What a gift a positive attitude can be to others.

Thank you Lord for blowing The Good Ship Belinda into my roaring seas this week, just when you knew her attitude was what was needed.


Belinda said…
Susan, What a blessing to be a blessing. I had no idea when God ended the meeting I was at in Collingwood, an hour early, what he was up to. He knew exactly what you needed. He answered your morning prayer, didn't he? He knows how much we can bear and always shows up just in time--often with someone else's skin on!
Anonymous said…
Susan, what a wonderful post that was. I don't know about your midshipman abilities but your writing sure is maturing nicely!

Angcat said…
Hey Susan,
I love the acronym of H.M.S.
It could mean 'His Majesty's Servant", or 'Hug My Sister',
or 'His Mighty Sails',
or 'He's Molding Susan', or 'Have Many Smiles', or whatever you want it to be...
Love you,
Susan said…
How about...

Has More Serenity?

Helps My Sanity?

I must admit, since Belinda was born and raised in England, I was thinking only of "His Majesty's Ship"... But you got me thinking too, Ang!

Any more interpretations of "H.M.S." out there?
Joyful Fox said…

I love your description of the gracious ship sailing in to your harbour. So often Belinda does that for so many. God often uses her servant heart to sail in many a port after a storm.

May we return thanks by doing the same as God gives us grace.

How about Hand Me Something or Heaven Matters Susan or Holds Me Still.

Have a blessed day.

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