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The Pastor Puzzle

It's ten to eleven and the morning service is about to begin at Hillside. The pews are filling and the hallway that runs along behind the sanctuary is full of people with purpose! Some are headed for the office where the photocopier is kept--others for the washroom--and the youth are selling Tim Hortons coffee as a fund-raiser in the foyer, and doing a roaring trade. Children are having a last minute fling in that special world I often think I'd love to join--and releasing some energy. It's as if they know they are going to be sitting in unnatural quiet for the next half hour until Sunday School--and are making the most of good running around time while it lasts.

One by one the five worship team members escape from the bustle into the quiet of Pastor Dave's office. We're here to pray before we go to the platform to lead. Pastor Dave isn't here today--he's having a well earned week away, but Pastor Peter joins us and we all form a circle, holding hands. We bow our heads--and spot an odd collection of things scattered at our feet.

Brenda, who as well as being on the worship team, is the church secretary, says, "Oh, this is only the tip of the iceberg--usually there is much more scattered on the floor."

On the floor is:

  • A plastic bottle of wallpaper remover
  • A small pile of envelopes and papers topped by a booklet by Rick Warren, entitled, What On Earth Am I Here For?
  • An offering envelope, and
  • A brochure entitled, Envision Your Retirement

We all pause to consider these items and wonder--is there some hidden message? A "Pastor Puzzle" indeed!

We bow our heads and pray--the service is about to begin!

Philippians 4:21-23 (New Living Translation)
21 Give my greetings to each of God’s holy people—all who belong to Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me send you their greetings. 22 And all the rest of God’s people send you greetings, too, especially those in Caesar’s household.
23 May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.


I'd be terrified if people tried to figure out the davepuzzle from what they found in my office. Given my work with 'the clinic' i think there'd be odd perceptions of who I was!!
Leann said…
all I can say is if some one came and saw my home they would wonder about me to.I have veryed interests and collect things.I have things close to me so I can get them when needed.
I call it an organized a small apartment its hard to find room for every thing.
the Lord knows I have a big home heart in a little apartment mind set.he still bless,s me with things that bless day Ill be in a bigger place and then the mess will have its own place.but for now its alittle odd to look around.
God bless,s us where we are.and he knows our hearts.
I thank God that he knows me and knows my needs.and he doesnt care that I have things, as long as they dont have me.
I came from a long line of pack rats.they came from the depression years of wast not want I save things I can use for grandkids do to.
God knows what makes me tick.and he loves me anyway.even if some people dont understand me.
I know where every thing is and where to go to find it.
one day when my hubby was still here.he thought he would do me a favoir and organize every thing for me.
he said Id be able to find every thing once he got done.I said I know where it is I was the one who put it there in the frist was all in drawers and where I could get to it.
well he got to work and organizeds it his way.and was so pleased with himself.
well it was a nice thought but now a 2 minute job becomes a 15 minute job cause I have to play "where did he stick this now" and go looking for it!!!!
I feel if it aint broke dont fix it.what maybe a puzzle to some maybe a mind trying to stay on track to another.
I feel some people dont really look at the ones they try to help.they need to ask what is your need?then help with it.
I needed hubby to love me not organize my drawers...I needed him to be there for me when my mom died..not fold and run...
signs and puzzles are every where.thank the good Lord he knows the puzzles in our lives and helps us find our way.he doesnt make us get lost..
m i c h e l l e said…
On my desk is "Emerging Worship" book, a diaper (unused), an mp3 player, my sons' tball pictures, a drawing from my oldest, about 4 empty diet coke cans, and dental floss.....and that's just on one side.... :)
Belinda said…
I loved that people thought about what was on their floors and desk!

Michelle, I'm glad you clarified that it was an "unused" diaper! :)

Dave, my imagination is having a hey day with your office.

And Leann your reply was very poignant. Having seen your apartment on your blog, it looks lovely--cosy and pretty! You made me think about what people give us and what we really need.

Love to all!
Susan said…
Yeah, well, I'm still in my office and on the floor (what little you can see of it) there is a laptop, a bright red hooded sweatshirt, a build-it-yourself bird feeder kit waiting for a special afternoon with a hammer, some nails, and a special little boy, two boxes of odds and ends which I dare not open unless I have an entire day to sort and organize, a pile of papers just off the printer waiting to be collated and stapled. That's it for the floor. We're not even going to look at my desk... :)

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