Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brenda and Molson--about to embark on their first pet therapy visit!

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Anonymous said...

I saw a segment on the news this morning about a pet therapy organization in the united states called 'angels on a leash' which I thought was a cool name. Good luck on your first day Molson, have Brenda let us know how it went.


Belinda said...

I thought I'd let everyone know how things went with Moe and I!

My first adventure with Molson went off with very few eventful details. There was the small matter of negotiating an elevator ride but that was made up for by the biggest dog treat handed to Molson by the kindest, most gentle senior's hand. He did very well his first visit with one lady asking me what he thought of old people. "I hope he doesn't mind us touching him" she said seeming to hope that I would put her mind at ease. I assured her that indeed he only cared if she was kind and that obviously she must be because he approved as evidenced by the fact that he was letting her pet him endlessly. We had such a great time. I say we but it was clearly all about HIM! One person after another telling me about their dogs and one lady exclaiming, " Look after him. He'll be the best friend you've ever had!" I assured her I would and let her know that I would see her next week so she could inspect whether I was caring for him adequately! That was the touch stone for everyone. The hope of the next visit. "I'll see you next week" I would say in expectation. "See you next week" was the constant hopeful reply emphasizing to me the importance of a little fur, some tail wagging and a whole lot of love!
(posted by Belinda for Brenda)