Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jesus Calling

By Belinda 

We had not been able to get together to celebrate our birthdays, which fall close together; hers at the end of May and mine at the beginning of June. 

But on Sunday at church, she pressed into my hand an opaque plastic gift bag, with a colourful spray of flowers in one corner, signifying to me my special name for this friend: "Poppy." And inside, wrapped in palest blue paper covered in geese taking flight, was a book in soft brown leather cover, "Jesus Calling."

Poppy gave me the highest commendation possible. "This book is like on the level of The Daily Light or Valley of Vision," she said. I knew that she wouldn't give that degree of praise lightly, since, next to the Bible, we each treasure our Daily Light and Valley of Vision as prompts to hear God's heartbeat.

I took it home in anticipation! As I drove I thought with a smile that this spiritual daughter of mine is taking up my torch of sharing books that lead people to God. Her real name, Frances, means "messenger," and she is aptly named!

I am only four days into the book, and already I know that it is joining my classic beloved devotionals. I looked up the author, Sarah Young, online and found this You Tube video. I see that I am not alone. 100,000 copies have been sold. So grateful to be sharing in listening to God's voice within the brown cover.



janetsketchley said...

Belinda, this book's been on my wish list for a while. The title first drew my attention because it reminds me of another book, God Calling, which has blessed me over and over.

Belinda said...

Oh, Janet, those wish lists are great, aren't they?

I didn't know about "God Calling!" What a blessing this quiet writer is and how God has used her listening ear!