Thursday, June 21, 2012

Checking In

By Belinda

I have so much to write about that I hardly know where to start, and at this moment I seem to have no available time! But if you will grant grace dear readers, I will be back over the next few days, with some of what God is doing in my life and saying to me.

I am relaxing into knowing that he will give me the time to say what he wants me to say, so I'm not stressing over it. Just wanted to pop in and explain, because I so appreciate you, and the fact that you would even check in here is such an honour.


mercygraceword said...

Thanks for this, I was afraid you were having another hospital adventure that hadn't hit my "grapevine".


Belinda said...

Deborah, It was thoughtless of me not to say something sooner! Thank you for caring. :)