Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sweet Success

By Belinda

“Nothing draws along with it such a glory as the Sabbath. Never has it unfolded without some
witness and welcome, some song and salutation.” James Hamilton

Susan emailed the above quote to me last Sunday. I loved it; and this Sunday I thought I'd share it far and wide. It was quite a Saturday and I'm GLAD that today is a day of rest.

In Thursday’s post I wrote about Frances and Brian donating apples to help with the pies we are making and selling to raise funds for our organization's work in parts of the world where most of the population live in poverty and people with disabilities live in even more desperate conditions.

Friday evening found Paul and I at Frances's house picking up apples. I gasped when I saw the size of the bushel boxes. When God sends apples he doesn't mess around! And they contained the most perfect apples I have ever seen.

When we got home I made a massive amount of pastry and put it out in our enclosed sun porch to chill until the next morning.

 At 10 o'clock Saturday morning, our friend Sarah arrived, ready to peel, as you can see.

Susan arrived next. glad that she was recovering from the flu that has had her down for the past two weeks.

I had pre measured out bags of sugar, flour and cinnamon to add to the apples when peeled

My big stock pot held packages of pastry

Marirose also came to help and came prepared!

Rachel and Molson were our cheering section
 The work began in earnest!

In my head I had scheduled 4 hours for working on the pies. What was I thinking? I'm so glad that no one listened to me and kept going--me too.

It wasn't long before my friends named me the Pie Nazi! I confess, I am particular about my pies, oh, okay, it borders on controlling. :)

So in one week I was called "comrade Belinda" (after inadvertently using a quote by Karl Marx) and a Pie Nazi.


We had a short break for lunch. Lunch was pie and Hokey Pokey ice cream. :)

The very last apple of two whole bushels. Sarah, Susan and Marirose deserved  medals for the quantity of apples they peeled.

Brown fingers--the true badge of honour of a pie maker

The day's fruit: 20 pies to add to the ones already baked, and 13 bags of apples ready for future pies, in the freezer.

It was 10.30 pm when I finally sat down.Relaxing never felt so good. Molson thought so too.


Susan said...

You weren't THAT bad of a fascist dictator. Just when it came to sticking to the recipe - and who wants to mess with perfection anyway? At least you never stopped smiling.

What a great day! (And the pies were PER-fect - thanks to your careful oversight / "dictatorship") :)

Lizzie said...

How fun! I love me an apple peeling party! What a great thing you are doing. God bless!


Greetings from Southern California :-)

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, ~Ron

Anonymous said...

Where oh where did you get that apron? It looks really good on you and I'd love to get one for myself. I don't make pies but I make the best streudel!!!!

Marilyn said...

I can't get over such productivity in shuch a short time. Where would we be without friends? Great pics!

Belinda said...

Anonymous, it was a gift from a friend! I think it may have come from England. Thank you for the compliment. It does help set the mood for baking apple pie. :)

Belinda said...

Marilyn, I have wonderful friends. Marirose even offered to attend another Pie Nazi Boot Camp. :)

paula said...

Whatever was I thinking to only order 3 of these little beauties ?? The pies, I mean !
Is it too late to get 5 ?

joe said...

Anon, the apron came from Wegmans grocery store in New York State. I hope you find one!

Belinda said...

Paula, God bless you for your encouragement! Of course, you shall have as many pies as you wish. It is never too late for pies! :) This effort is until March 31. Do you want them all at once? For this quantity I will personally deliver! Let me know when is a good time for you and I'll be there.

Belinda said...

Joe, Thank you for helping Anon find the apron! :)