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Mothers and Daughters

It was early one February morning, almost 13 years ago, that Paul and I drove to Markham-Stouffville hospital while trying to comprehend the fact that our baby girl was about to deliver a baby of her own. It was a planned C Section and she was so brave, delivering one liners to all and sundry in her inimitable way of dealing with nervous tension and emotion--keep it light--keep on laughing.

That day we wondered where the years had gone. It seemed only a blink of an eye since the day she was born, and I could bring back every emotion of that day as if it were just yesterday. I had so much gratitude for the gift of Brenda; a sister for Peter, two years old when she arrived, and a gift which we would unwrap one day at a time for years to come.

God gave us Miss Sociability; an instant connector with people--just like my mum; her Omie. She is hyper-punctual; a little obsessive; an overachiever at whatever she tackle--just like her dad. We are very different, and that is a good thing because I admire and love her for who she is.
And now here we are celebrating the 13th birthday of the baby she bore that February day and I think again, "Where did the years go?"

God gave us Tippy that day long ago: a dreamer; musical; emotional; always quick to perceive and develop catastrophe, and an artist. She has a heart that is terrifying in its tenderness and vulnerability. I pray that God watches over it. I am grateful that we can entrust that heart to him.

She chose the Rainforest Cafe for her special celebration, one week early, because we will be in Israel next week. It was the perfect venue for a party for a girl who still can be found outside howling to coyotes or calling turkeys.

And Tori, the sister who arrived just 13 months after she was born, and who is her closest friend and companion, was there too of course. They look like two peas in a pod and grew up used to being asked, "Are you twins?", and used too, to emphatically stating, "No!"

Tori may look startlingly like Tippy, but they are completely different personalities. Tori is bookish, passionate, and a lover of animals. Her anger and laughter, quick wit and sarcasm all lie close to the surface.

Three generations of mothers and daughters, all of us different but carrying in us the genes of previous mothers and daughters; of family.


Olson Family said…
{long, whimsical sigh} This is so precious! Your daughter and granddaughter sound delightful. So very sweet. And strong.

And you are a wonderful role model to me as to what a lovingly invested mother and grandmother looks like. Thank you.
Belinda said…
Sharon, thank you. The Daughters of Eve in our family are each so very unique. How God creates such individual personality is a wonder to me--and all from the same gene pool.

I do love them all passionately.

And I stand in amazement at the strong character of your growing children as I read about them on your blog! :)
Susan said…
And I love 'em ALL!!!
Susan said…
And I love 'em ALL!!

(I thought that bears repeating.) :)
Marilyn Yocum said…
I smiled all the way through this. Beautiful photos, beautiful subjects!

(Love the "Your Adventure Begins Here" sign. So fitting for this post!)
Theresa said…
I met Brenda a few years back at work. She is halarious. We took CPI training on the same day, and it was anything but boring!! Poor Wilma. Haven't seen Brenda since she left but I still miss her. Hope all is well with her and her girls. Two girls, 13 months apart....Brenda is in my prayers! :) I have one soon to be 13 year old, and that is enough!
Anonymous said…
Hi Belinda,

Still enjoying reading your words and following the comments.

Its been a while since I've left any (words that is).

Missing you but following here.

I really enjoyed the Mothers/Daughters post and the tribute to the legacy we shape, and leave. It is humbling and beautiful.

May we be intentional of all those good things. Like Daisy chains, little princesses, and the words we speak.

Ah and your post yesterday! Celebrate the differences, respecting another opinion, yet discerning when to share our opinion, when it differs. Oh the tongue, the tongue!

Your initial post and all the comments find their way home in my heart. Humbling by their truth, echoed by discovery - I have found myself at both ends, sometimes seeking sameness instead of respecting difference, but once in that glorious while, being grateful and praising God we are each instruments in God's orchestra. We each play the notes on the instruments He's given for His symphony to bring glory to His name.

Blessings to you, Belinda and I'm excited for your trip to Israel. What an adventure!!

All's Grace,
Joyful Fox
Ah, life in the grandma lane! Isn't it terrific? We chatted with two little girls, on the phone yesterday and got brought right into the excitement of childhood. I think God gives us children in our lives so we can see the world through fresh eyes when ours have grown tired. But perhaps I'm just feeling wistful.
Belinda said…
Susan, you are so funny with your repeat comments! I thought you clicked twice by mistake. :)
Belinda said…
Yes, Marilyn, The Adventure...the teenage years can be so difficult but also wonderful.
Belinda said…
Theresa--hilarious, yes! And driven, insecure, loving and hard working. She has so many wonderful qualities. It's so great that you know her from work. And I can't believe that you have an almost 13 year old too!
Belinda said…
Joyful..You have been in my thoughts this week as your own birthday approaches--and of course, you too, have your own soon to be 13 year old. Look out world! :) It was so lovely to hear from you here and to know that you still check in. I know how very busy you are!
Belinda said…
Dave, you are so right about the fresh eyes. It is the most wonderfully grounding thing to have child friends. No wonder Jesus said that we had to become as a little child to enter the Kingdom.
Anonymous said…
I took 77 pages of notes during our trip to Israel in October with Jim and Adrienne Reese and a great group that included Miriam Racinsky.
Tonight I managed to continue with my typing of my notes - now on page 8 :-)
I don't know if you've been before, but for us it truly was the trip of a lifetime. I'm excited to hear the details of yours!


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