Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Belgium pranksters – Mobistar gets a taste of it’s own practice

A hilarious joke!

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Brave Raven said...

That was so funny!! This is exactly like phoning Rogers!!

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh, Dearest Belinda, forgive me for posting a disagreeing opinion here. I only do so because you've assured me that you welcome all comments even those that disagree. I didn't find this clip funny at all. In fact I found it painful and kind of mean. They set out to 'get Mobistar' and they didn't do that at all. They just got some poor guy working at minimum wage for a huge corporation. A guy who works to feed his family and to make his own contribution. Getting him no more 'gets Mobistar' than does hollering at a receptionist at Rogers get Rogers. I thought the security guard handled himself with incredible, incredible, incredible grace. They kept upping the pressure on him and he never once devolved into vulgarity or verbal violence. He was patient even when frustrated. I'm often not that nice on a telephone. So they may have felt like 'they stuck it to THE man' but all they did was 'stick it to A man (and a nice one at that).' Maybe I just woke up with my sense of humour parked at the door with my lunch ... but, if this sparks a conversation, well, then so much the better.

Belinda said...

Well Dave, that gave me a whole new perspective on that joke. I must confess that I was thinking of "Mobistar" and not the security guy in the parking lot, but he did kind of end up representing the organization, and, you are right; unfairly. And you are also right, he handled himself with incredible grace and patience--over 3 hours of patience! I think they should at least award him the prize he chose at the end. In a way his grace has paid off. Imagine if this video had gone viral with him being rude. He can be proud of himself.

And you have to feel free to post any disagreeing opinion you have! You are always at thought!:) And you always make me think. You alone may keep my brain cells from deteriorating in my old age. :)