Friday, September 10, 2010


By Belinda

Fridays with Susan will have to wait, please be patient dear readers, she will be back!

This week has been....well, it has been over the top around her house. Along with completely reorganizing her home, and a very busy time at work, Susan helped birth her 11th grandchild. It was a long hard labour, but in the end, Abby and Ben held little Logan in their arms and knew that they would never, ever, stop loving this child. Everything changed in that moment, forever.

So, it's me again tonight, tapping away in the wee hours, and thinking of the gold drenched saffron day that God blessed us with.

And I think of the dear friend who sat opposite me as I led the cell group study tonight and who fell sound asleep in her wing backed chair. Her only concern was whether she had snored.

"I felt like I landed on a soft cloud tonight at your place," she said.

Sometimes we need a soft cloud to land on, a place of utter relaxation; still waters; a place for restoring of a soul.

Isaiah 40:31 (New International Version)

31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.


Brenda said...

Shelby and I were ooing and aweing over those golden fields as we drove through last weekend. We meant to ask but forgot. Now we know.

Marilyn Yocum said...

People feeling they can drift off - safe - is about the highest compliment I can think of for a home. That kind of setting can't be bought. The Divine Hand makes it. Blessed are those who serve as conduits of His peace.

Belinda said...

Brenda, it IS glory, here right now! The flowers in my photos are goldenrod, but there is also another crop in the fields that may be canola (I think that's the same as the British rapeseed--but I might be wrong!) I just know it's all a-swim in gold!

Belinda said...

Dear Marilyn,
Yes, I felt honoured that Susan would lie back and give in (not that I think she had much choice,) to the angel fingers tucking a blanket under her chin.

Susan said...

Yup, I was "saffroned" last night, all right. It was mellow yellow. Pure gold. Sigh!

Deidra said...

What a peaceful day! Even the birth of that little one sounds like peace from where I sit. Although I wish I were sitting in that wing back chair of yours. ;)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Falling asleep in a chair or on the couch with life happening around you, feeling safe enough to slip away, is almost as delicious as apple pie. I did say almost ...

Brenda said...

I agree,Dave,....but it has to be Belinda's apple pie.

Belinda said...

Ha ha, Dave and Brenda; feeding people apple pie, sending them to sleep in a comfy chair--now that's a whole new concept for cell group! :)Maybe we are onto something, "Come on over to Belinda's for decompression time."

Brenda said...

Let me tell you....I wish I lived closer. I wish Father would say, "It's time you moved to Alliston.'....but He hasn' in the meantime...I have work to do in Westport. I joined the Legion this week....going to be hanging out with people who need to know the Lord....and starting our Thursday night potluck/fellowship with the neighbors this week. We'll be thinking of you when we meet!

Belinda said...

Dear Brenda,
I'll think of you in Westport on Thursday nights.

And the Legion? That sounds wonderful too. I used to hang out with my dad's old soldier buddies when I went to England, down at his club. It always meant so much to him.