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No One Knows My Heart Better Than You

The end of a long evening, a long day, a long week. I reflect on many conversations, many questions in my mind and heart, many wonderings about relationships. Some moments and conversations were filled with deep understanding on many levels. Some were filled with tension and confusion, causing my mind to swirl. Sometimes I wished I had not shared as much as I did. Some times I wished I had shared more. Sometimes I lay awake pondering it all. But the place of comfort and peace was in my Heavenly Father's presence. I crawled into His lap in my heart, and accepted His love, became His little child again, and rested in the knowledge of the depth of His knowledge of me. It didn't matter anymore how much I was understood or not by others, because He understands me, and I see by His touch in my life in so many ways that He is able to work out what I need to happen to move ahead, despite the agony of living,as this song expresses it.

So here is this comforting truth, expressed for us all, in a song.

No One Knows My Heart Better Than You

Standing at my window, hidden by the night
Harboring the private wounds, safe and out of sight
There's an agony in living, but there's a comfort in the truth
That no one knows my heart better than You.

I can face a lot of people with this sanguine act of mine
Guarded by the eloquence I sometimes hide behind
But it's a veil of false pretenses that You can see right thru
'Cause no one knows my heart better than You.

Part of me is reaching, and part of me holds back
But when it comes to You I am a doorway
You're free to walk into
'Cause no one knows my heart better than You.

Words and music by Susan Ashton, Billy Sprague and Wayne Kirkpatrick
Copywright 1991 Birdwing Music/Sking Horse Inc. ASCAP/Emily Boothe, Inc. (BMI)


Belinda said…
Yes, Meg, it is a lonely place when we are not understood. I have been so grateful in those lonely times, for God's understanding and acceptance.
Marilyn said…
Ughh, that struggle you describe, wishing you'd perhaps shared less or more, and feeling misunderstood! You said it well. And being able to let it go and know you are understood completely in one place....and that's sufficient. He'll take care of it. May you be granted a weekend of peace in this, and rest. And may the new week bring some of the 'swirls' to rest!

I've been on a several months' long journey of trying to let go of whether or not others understand and I have great respect for what it takes. You brought up such an important topic!
Meg said…
Thank you, dear friends, for your comments. I am interested that it came across as a bigger issue than maybe I experienced it at the moment I wrote it. I actually meant it as an experience of peace and this sort of experience is one I've known most of my to come to this kind of trust in the Lord's knowledge is such a breakthrough..and a that was what I wanted to communicate most...but of course you sensitive ladies also clued into the deep issues that can be there...and likely are for most people, one way or another.
Hope said…
Hi, you don't know me but I googled this song and found it here. What you wrote expresses exactly how I feel - you are gifted in your expression. Thanks for sharing

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