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Dancing In the Rain

Who dances in the rain on the day they bury their dad?

I do.

After everyone else had left the funeral luncheon today, and I had delivered some of the flowers to my dad's wife, Peggy, and had another cup of tea with her, I went back to the cemetery alone in the rain. I cranked up my car stereo full blast, left the door wide open and as I listened to the strains of the same song Belinda posted on Sunday ( I will Rise ). I sloshed through puddles and mud and made my way over to the freshest grave there, my dad's and danced (yes, I danced) all around my mom and dad's side by side graves in the pouring rain. My hands were lifted high to heaven in gratitude to a King who brings all things to fruition in the fullness of time... I will see them again. I will see both of them again. I will see both of them together again. And I am in awe of God''s great plan. His heart must be SO BIG to be able to contain such plans!

God is so good, people. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! There is nothing he can't do. Absolutely nothing!

Ask me how I know. :) My mom and dad. Together forever. Yeah, ask me how I know...


ANONYMOUS, just in case you didn't really mean for someone to ask said…
Okay. I'll bite. How do you know?
Anonymous said…
Susan said…
I know because 20 years ago there was no "hope" that my parents would be together. But God worked a great miracle in our family's lives... Not only did my dad die trusting Jesus for his salvation, but he died right ON our parents' wedding anniversary. It was like he was waiting to go home at just the right time - to be with her. There's a lot more to the story, of course, but that is the crux of it. I am missing my dad, (and Mom, too, for that matter), but I know where they are and I know they are together... So there is mourning, yes, but with so much joy I can hardly contain it. God is SO good... And my dad is safely home.
joseph said…
Anonymous said…
First of all, my condolescences. I'll keep your dad in my prayers.

That's such a beautiful story. I love it.
I wish more people would accept God's plans.
My mom has such a hard time accepting about my grandpa/her dad's death. And it was three years ago now.
That's really hard on everyone. And I'm sure he'd want us to live still. We can't all die because he did. That would be silly.
And if he'd want that for us, I'd be really sad and disappointed.
But the fact that you danced and rejoiced and thanked God. Wow. Just wow.
(I think the Irish tradition (?) has a party and dances after burying their dead. Not sure if it's still a tradition today, or it was in past times...)
I'm sure your dad must be smiling down from the heavens. He'd be so proud of you. :)

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