Sunday, September 28, 2008

As for God His Way is Perfect

She had written on my Facebook Wall, "It's the plan still haywire?"

On Monday, after a time management seminar the week before, and excited about a new planner, I had launched into the week with such hope. But this week at least, God had other plans.

Sue delights in teasing me about the never ending quest I'm on to fit my life into neat boxes; whether it is my infamous Excel spreadsheet with the colour coded blocks of time, or a new planner.

She is organized to the max. I think she must have married our son Peter to balance out the gene pool in our families.

On Friday, though, there was another message from Sue on Facebook:

"Think back for a moment to 11 years ago, October 20th 1997. You walked into a room to find your daughter-in-law in a mess of tears. (to put it lightly!!) Remember? I had just discovered that my "plan" had gone haywire! REALLY haywire!! Plans are great but sometimes its better when they fall apart. Katherine is evidence of that! I am grateful everyday that God will sometimes override our plans."

I remember all right! Peter and Sue had moved in with us to save for down-payment on a house. One October evening, we heard the sound of loud sobbing from their room, and when we ran to see what was wrong, we found a very strange scene.

Sue was sitting in the middle of the bed in their room wailing, while being comforted by Peter, who looked like he was illuminated from the inside with joy. It took a few seconds to realize that this was the announcement that a grandchild was on the way; I'd never imagined it happening quite that way.

"I'll be responsible for another person; I'll be a terrible mother; I'm too strict; I'm too selfish!" she cried, while worrying about where they would live.

Sue was full of mixed emotions. All of her goals had taken a detour. She felt overwhelmed and inadequately prepared for motherhood.

It didn't take long for the calculations to begin. Evidently this little one would be born between June 29th an July 7th. Sue and Peter had tickets to Riverdance on July 19th and I think that Sue wanted to know that at least one of her plans was going to pan out.

On July 1st 1998, Katherine Elizabeth was born. I can't imagine our world without her.

Jay and Brenda used the Riverdance tickets.

Since then, Katherine has been blessed with some siblings: Stephen, Joshua and Emily...and Sue is a most amazing mother.

I'm with Sue. Our plans should be made of gossamer, for God's are always better.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (New International Version)
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.


Joyful Fox said...

Thanks Belinda,

All gentle reminders that our time is His anyways.

He is the ultimate planner.

Somehow I find myself changing roles though.

Susan said...

Loved this post! And love that litte change of plans named Katherine. :o)

It was Emily for us who was our biggest "change of plans". We call her "the best mistake we ever made"! :o)

violet said...

What a lovely story - and a great reminder not to be too married to the daytimer!

Angcat said...

Gossamer plans....
Mmmm, that's delicious.
What a sweet post, with a rich message.