Saturday, August 11, 2007

On Her Way

We have a house guest from Germany for a few days and I had offered to spend this afternoon and evening showing her some of the sights in this area.

She chose the CN Tower and Casa Loma and once word of our pending adventure got out, first my friend Susan asked if she could come, and then Brenda. So off the four of us went--to "paint the town red."

She is studying occupational therapy in Germany and is visiting Canada to spend three weeks with the organization I work for, learning about the system of support for people with developmental disabilities in Canada and then she'll be having a vacation, camping on her own for an additional two weeks. But first she's here with us for just over a week.

As the time of her arrival drew nearer, I looked forward to meeting her--curious about who God was sending to share our lives for a while--sensing that he might have an agenda.

And it seems that he does, for she said, when Brenda asked if she would be coming with us to church tomorrow,"Yes, because you know I'm on my way...."

Lord, how I thank you for the journey and I thank you for those you send to share it with us, whether for a long or short time. Please bless our time together and may we encourage one another on our way..

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