Friday, August 10, 2007


A few nights ago, I touched on our conversation over dinner at cell group--a continuation of one we'd started the week before about our favourite movies.

Sam had led an icebreaker where we had shared our favourites and it was surprising, funny and revealing to hear what they were.

Here are some of them:

Ron--Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Richard--The Godfather

Brenda--Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Susan--The Miracle Worker and Chariots of Fire

Paul's were A Christmas Carol and Groundhog Day, and mine were: The Colour Purple and What About Bob

All week though, I kept thinking--what was it about those particular movies that spoke to people--and that's what we discussed over dinner on Tuesday. It was as much fun finding out why people loved them as finding out what they were. We laughed loudly as Ron recounted some of the scenes in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as they traveled back in time and collected historical figures for their history assignment--So-Crates and Beeth-oven et al. This was to save them from a "heinous" situation! He loves history and loved these slackers at school finding out about history in such a humourous way.

I was so busy listening to others that I never did get to share why I love mine.

The Colour Purple, which amazingly was released 22 years age, was directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Alice Walker.

I loved several scenes in the movie--one of which is the scene from which the movie takes it's name--because it's about paying attention to the work of God's hands--admiring what he's done--and I do see and admire it all the time! And I love the transformation of the characters in the movie--the overcoming of terrible and hard circumstances.

In What About Bob --a very different movie, there's a common theme--the overcoming of a phobia along with the theme of the underdog becoming the hero-- the prideful but neurotic psychiatrist is rescued by his patient when he freezes on an important T.V. interview about his book, Baby Steps and Bob steps in and aces it.

Transformation, overcoming against the odds, the lowest being lifted up and praise of God's handiwork--themes that resonate!

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Leann said...

I use to watch scarey movies alot cause my life was far scarer then they were.but now I watch movies to touch the heart.
1. return to me..
2.always. house.
and many more I cant remember the names to.storys that tell of great love and people who find it.
guess I watch them to feel like there is that out there even if it,s not out there for me...

God seem,s to speak through movies some time I was watching a movie and needed a word and touch from the Lord.the movie was Lassie come home.some place i the movie the Lord touched my heart and I cryed all the pain away.and I felt so much better after.

have a great week.end.