Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Long Way Home

It was a long awaited vacation for Peter and Sue and their four little ones, ranging in age from 9 years down to 19 months. They went away for a few days in Ottawa.

The plan was for Peter to come home in their van with the four children on Thursday of the week away. Susan was staying in Ottawa for a Creative Memories Scrap-booking event and returning on Sunday.

On Friday, Peter called.

"Mom, what are you guys doing for the weekend?" he wanted to know.

All grandparents know that this really means, "Can we come over for Saturday and Sunday?"

He had his hands full and we really love our grandchildren and him, so we negotiated--for Saturday! Susan's parents, R.J. and Peggy, had mercy and invited them all over for Sunday.

Yesterday he asked, "Mom, did you hear about what happened on Sunday?"

The last thing I knew was that I'd seen Peter and the kids at church. I had thought to myself that they all looked remarkably well put together, considering. All of the kids were really missing their mom though, and could hardly wait to have her home.

Sue had called early that morning. Their plan was to come home through Algonquin Park and down through Huntsville. She was expecting to be home soon after lunch.

"Are you sure you want to do that on a Sunday?" Peter had said, "The highway will be full of cottagers coming home. It might be better to come along highway 7 through Peterborough."

Not being the driver, though, Sue said they'd be sticking to the park plan.

Part way through Sunday morning Susan called her parents and asked if they had a map. This was not a good sign. Sue and her friend had found themselves at Mattawa on the Quebec border. Peggy and RJ consulted a map. The only way they could get back was to go through North Bay.

Seven and a half hours later, they finally arrived home. By this point Peter and the kids were very happy to see her!

Later that week, Sue had some friends over for a Pampered Chef party and left the room for a few moments. She returned to find everyone laughing uproariously and Peter regaling them with the tale. Their nephew Luke had asked Peter, "When did they realize they were lost?"

"It was when the Russian submarine broke through the ice," said Peter, adding, "I would have picked up on it when there were no more trees."

Sue--she insists that it was really a God thing--a chance to share with a friend who needs God--for seven and a half hours!

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