Monday, April 09, 2007

Simple Thanksgiving

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Joshua--two years, ten and a half months old! He has a smile to melt the hardest heart and the sunniest disposition in the world. Give him a ball and he is beyond happy--especially if someone will join in a game of catch. He has lots to say and some of it we even understand now. We love him dearly.
In the fall of 2004 when Josh was almost five months old, he woke up one afternoon with a very high fever. Our daughter-in-law Susan instinctively knew that something was seriously wrong. She bundled him up and took him to the hospital in nearby Alliston. The doctor there was very concerned and sent them on to the hospital in Barrie where Joshua was admitted and kept for the next five days battling a serious staph infection. His mom never left his side the whole time. I remember what a pitiful sight he was--limp, lethargic and clinging to Susan. Had she not acted as quickly as she did--had the doctor in Alliston not taken it seriously--things might have turned out so much worse.
The suspected cause was a faulty valve from the bladder--setting up an environment that made frequent infections highly likely. The doctor said that he would have to be on a constant course of antibiotics for six months to prevent that...
My journal for October 12th 2004 reads:
On Sunday, Susan stood in church and shared how God has been drawing her closer and that she is believing God for healing for Joshua when he goes for his tests on Thursday. At the end of the communion service, Susan brought Joshua forward for prayer. I hope I always keep the picture in my mind--Susan, eyes tightly closed, her arms wrapped around Joshua, who was facing the pastors and deacons praying for him, looking from face to face with a bright smile!
Dear Lord, I hold these dear ones up to you--Joshua and Susan. You know what you are about and I trust you. Dear Lord, please heal little Joshua of the faulty valve.
When Joshua went for his tests, there was no sign of any abnormality. He never did go on the course of antibiotics and has been perfectly healthy ever since.
It's good to remember and celebrate God's goodness. I want to thank him and praise him for the blessing of this child--for the wonderful little person that he is--and for the fact that he answered our prayers for healing.

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LoveMyStarr said...

How wonderful!! We always have hope in God. Beautiful little boy:)