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Erica--Sweet of Spirit

"Let nature take its course," was what the doctors said when she was born.

Inoffensive enough, those words--they could allude to letting a cold get better without resorting to medication--only in this case they meant allowing a little girl to die. "She'll be dead in a month," they said, "We'll just keep her comfortable."

Fortunately, the little baby born with a hole in her back--spina bifida--and a raging infection-- also had a mother who didn't listen to the doctors. Erica survived the infection and is now an eleven year old who lights up the life of anyone who meets her.

When she was five she would regularly ask her mother, "When am I going to learn how to walk?" That was never a possibility for Erica but it hasn't held her back from life.

Until now, her mom has catheterized Erica four times, each and every single day. She is about to have an operation to enable her to be independent. She will be able to do this herself afterwards with a tube that will go into her stomach.

Her mom says that nothing stops Erica. She "runs" every where--for instance she will say, "I'm going to run to my friend's house."

Sometimes Barb, her mom, will ask her if she misses being able to walk but says, "It doesn't enter her mind."

Erica--Sweet of Spirit--the world can learn a lot from you.

Isaiah 11:6 (New Living Translation)
6 In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together;
the leopard will lie down with the baby goat.
The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion,
and a little child will lead them all.


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