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How to Crash Through a Wall

“Quitting points” are the walls we hit in life that defeat us.

We can feel quite hopeless about the possibility of change when it comes to our areas of weakness. Often we accept the status quo. We may feel restless, a longing for something more. We may complain about our struggles--but we don’t really expect change. All too easily we accept these limitations as part of our identity and settle for what is, rather than daring to reach for what could be.

These “quitting points” come in many shapes and sizes. We may have allowed them to define us as having an addiction of some sort – overeating, spending or sex - or we might feel shy, or inferior to others. In reality though, walls that hold us back in life are only artificial--a construct of our own thoughts or beliefs. They might feel like they are impenetrable, made of solid brick, but we find they’re made out of tissue paper if only we have the courage to crash through them.

Of course there’s more to overcoming a barrier than simply crashing though it--we need to discover what’s going on below the surface. It’s important to get at the foundations of the wall. We don’t do anything without a reason and focusing on the surface problem doesn’t help much.

We came into this world full of possibility and potential, each of us a storehouse full of seeds just waiting to sprout into life and burst into fruitfulness. Just as seeds beneath the soil have to sprout and find their way to the surface, the seeds of potential within us for healthy, productive and purposeful lives, often have to fight their way through layers of wrong thinking before they find their way into the light. The exciting news is that we don’t have to be stuck where we are. We can grow; we can change; those walls really are only tissue paper!
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