Thursday, November 23, 2006

She Came Bursting

Isaiah 44:3 (New International Version)
New International Version (NIV)
Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by
International Bible Society
3 For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring,
and my blessing on your descendants.

At the dawn of this day the sky was soft baby blue fading to shell pink on the horizon. The grass was frost silvered and the stand of trees on the hill was hazy, dark charcoal gray in silhouette.

The sun went down at the end of the day in plumes of deep raspberry, flung across deep turquoise and overlaid with the black lace trees. God's palette for each day is different and it is always stunningly beautiful!

I think again of last evening. Seven of us gathered after supper for a bible study on the book of Acts. Six attend a Pentecostal church, while one of us is of Baptist background.

Someone was thirsty for more of God and their yearning stirred something within us all. Some expressed their longing that their children and grandchildren know the reality of the moving of the Holy Spirit. Another cautioned carefully against excess and mere emotion.

Then our Baptist friend burst forth like water from a dam, as if she could no longer contain herself, waving the text book she had brought with her (her heart was racing a hundred beats a minute she said afterwards).

"We serve a supernatural God," she said. "He acts in supernatural ways."

I love God's sense of humour and irony that he would use this friend whose gift is teaching, to teach us-- remind us, of that simple truth.

God acts in supernatural ways. We cannot contain him within a fence of our expectations and assumptions. All we can do is hold on tight and be ready for the adventure, for he has said that, "he will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground."

Rushing wind blow through this temple,
Blowing out the dust within,
Come and breathe your breath upon me,
I've been born again.

Holy Spirit, I surrender, take me where you want to go,
Plant me by your living water,
Plant me deep so I can grow.

Keith Green


Cardinella said...

What a wonderful story -- it made me teary-eyed!

Belinda said...

Hi Cardinella,
When I saw your comment, at first I thought it was on the next post, "The Good Cry." :)

Thank you for the comment!