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A Note

I have been so enjoying the book, Blue Like Jazz and sharing some quotes in posts. I wanted to be sure that doing so wasn't infringing copyright, as I had an uncomfortable feeling I might be. I checked with the publisher, Thomas Nelson Publishers, and found that I was. They were very gracious, but did ask me to remove direct quotes, from previous posts, which I have done. I feel badly for doing something not allowed, but am glad I asked the question.

Anyway, go out and buy the book. It's wonderful!


Johnny Cash said…
Hi Belinda,
LOL, that is too funny. I wouldn't have bothered myself. You are far too honest, a rare breed indeed. Pretty much anything is fair game to me so long as you give the author credit. That and the threat of litigation. Which of course is the exact opposite to the way you did it. Tee Hee! JC
Belinda said…
It's a fine line. I wanted to give due respect to the words another writer had written. To use them without permission suddenly felt like stealing when I read what is written on the flyleaf of the book--that no part might be reproduced without permission.

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