Saturday, May 04, 2013

Letters from Mum

November 10, 2002

My dearest Belinda, Paul and all my lovely Darlings,

Well, here I am and I'll start making those notes! :) When on the phone, I so often forget odds and ends. Never mind, I can write those bits. 

I phoned Auntie Corry and she said, she felt a lot better now. She has decided not to have anymore operations. She said, she likes to enjoy feeling better. Praying is far better than operations. I gave her your love and she sends all her love to you all! 

Then I phoned Auntie Adrie and it was such a lovely call. She was so pleased to hear from me and she hasn't phoned me lately as she thought you were still here and she wanted me to enjoy your stay without interruptions. She felt so good in herself and didn't have that feeling of loneliness anymore. She enjoyed her own company and felt very good. It was lovely to hear this. It's a new era for her, so that was wonderful to hear. She sends all her love as well to you all! I just called Rob and told him I was writing you. He thought it was just wonderful and you know what? It makes me feel happy as well. A new era for me, too. :) 

The Key Players
1927: Auntie Adrie, Mum, Auntie Corry, Oma Schipper and Dingenis Mum's brother.

1970: Auntie Corry, Auntie Lijda, Auntie Adrie, Oma Schipper and Mum

Rob has been painting his bedroom walls, two of them, blue.

Today, 52 years ago, you were christened in the Caterham Barracks Chapel, with real Water from the Jordan. I was due to go to Holland, but I felt I had to gave you christened before we went. I explained this to the pastor, so he made it special for me! He had a bottle of Jordan water, he'd brought back, when he was there during the war...

...My writing is not too tidy as my pad is on my lap, but I'm sure you can read it alright. I have to make an impression tomorrow at the dentist. A start for a new set of teeth. He said last week that my set was rather worn :) (17 years.)

To be continued.


Susan said...

"...with real water from the Jordan", hey?

No wonder you're so special... :)

Belinda said...

You may laugh at this but all of my childhood it did make me feel as though it was very special, almost like a sacred anointing!:) And it was only when I was typing up Mum's letter for the blog that I realized that the chaplain had brought the water home from Israel during the war.

Susan said...

You thought I was laughing? Nooo... I actually think it's pretty cool.

I, on the other hand, got sprinkled from water that originated from the Detroit River and then came through the Windsor filtration/chlorination plant... That's probably why I glow in the dark...

Belinda said...

Ha ha ha!

Marilyn said...

Double hahaha.
Don't you love those haircuts?

Belinda said...

I do love those haircuts--unisex! :)