Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Letters from Mum (In Which Robert Must Get a Proper Phone.)

17th November 2002

Hi! Well, we did have a talk earlier on and it was lovely to hear your voice again. I hope you had a good time at church and at home the rest of the day. It has gone a lot cooler tonight. I went up and put my blanket on number 3, as number 2 is more for normal weather. :) Dad's gone to bed. 

Robert was so very happy after he'd spoken to you! He should have a proper phone and I will tell him, it's time to have his own phone! He can still use his mobile, but it's nice to be able to talk to him on a normal phone. It's so much cheaper too! The mobile is lovely too, as I can reach him where ever he is. But when he's home, it's nice to call him there. And it would be nice for John and Timmy too. I just wish I could give them both that 100% comfort and security they both need! I love to see them both and we do everything possible to give them that! I keep praying, as that's the only way, I feel. Darlings, it's not much news today, but I'll continue tomorrow. Darlings we love you all so very much, take care and God bless you all always! With all our love to you all from your Dad/Grandad and your Omie/your Mum xxxxx

P.S. I'll keep you up to date with Audrey! She's beginning to find out the truth! :) 

(This was Audrey from Coronation Street of course! :))

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