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Letters from Mum (In Which Audrey Finds Out the Truth!)

19th November 2002

My dearest Belinda and Paul and all our lovely family!
Well, the first letter is on the way! I went to the dentist yesterday and he made an impression of my bottom teeth. Well, my gums really. It's more difficult as I have hardly any ridge there. He made a good job of my last set. I have to go back next Monday. Then this morning I had my hair washed and set.

I just had another look at the photos, as Rob brought them back home. They are so lovely! Rob left them with Joan (from Charlie) to look at, as she's on the photos as well. He had to look at her pilot light on the way home.

Timmy was here yesterday and had some dinner here. It's always so lovely to see him. He brought a packet with 4 scones, one each! I said, I do have to watch my waistline though, out of a joke. So he looked at me and said, "Omie you are just right!" :) Not fat, in other words. What a compliment! They say children speak the truth. :) 

We had such a laugh when watching Emmerdale tonight. That silly Viv, who runs the Post Office and tea room, was going to clean her wheelie bin out (they're large dustbins on wheels.) Anyway, she bent over, lost her balance and disappeared in it head first, and the lid closed. Of course she couldn't get out upside down. When they eventually found her, they had to tip her out. I thought it was so funny. All a part of the story of course.

Well, now about Audrey. That Richard is trying so hard to brainwash Gail into believing her mother is demented. And she was told to stay inside and not to go out on her own anymore. She feels so frightened and then she overhears Richard suggesting to Gail to get the power of attorney of her estate as she isn't in a fit state anymore. 

Well, that did it, and she knows now, he's after her money. And bit by bit she begins to understand what has been going on. When Gail is buy in the kitchen with that lout, she creeps out of the house to Archie, her friend. It takes a long time to convince him what's been going on. But eventually he can see, Audrey is as sane as anybody. And he can see how clever that Richard has been. He (Richard) tries to go after her and tries to convince Archie that she isn't well. Well, Archie has made his mind up already who is insane, (and it's) not Audrey. He persuades Richard to let Audrey stay with him. As he's speaking (Archie,) Richard tries to get inside. Audrey screams the place down and Archie very calmly forces Richard out of the house. Well, they do talk a lot, Audrey and Archie, and they've decided to contact the police tomorrow, as it's clear to Archie that Richard is a bad one. His wife is still missing and we know he killed her and is under the concrete of the new houses he's been trying to sell.

Oh dear, you must think, where is Mum's news? :) Well, not a lot has happened. Dad had a bath this afternoon and I'll have mine tomorrow morning. Then I'll be washing most of the day. Dad will get his paper and a loaf.

It was rather cold today. But there again it is November, so we should expect it to be cooler. :) It's warm inside though. 

Sammy had a dispute with next door's cats and his poor ear was a bit damaged. It became infected. It's getting better since Robert took charge. He trusts Dr. Robert. :) I'm glad he did, as I'm rather nervous to deal with this.

He was here this morning to take out the garbage bags. He always does this since Dad's operation, and (he was) not able to do it for a while. I did it one week, but Robert told me never to do it again. :) I obeyed of course, as it was a struggle. I up at 7 o'clock to unlock the door, as I put the bolt on at night now. Dad started to worry about it so now we're bolted up every night. :) If Rob needs to come in any time, we've agreed he'll call me, no matter what time, as I do have a phone upstairs. I'm very glad with that as I don't need to rush downstairs when the phone rings. 

I love you, until tomorrow! xxx

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